Cas Banierink

Things continued in this fashion for some time. But the shift to a darker, more aggressive approach, was noticeable in some people. The idea that destruction was the only wake up call others, outside of our group would hear, did not came from me. Even though, I did not dismiss it right away either. The father that taught me I could change nothing, also planted the idea in my head, every creation brings with it it's own destruction. And that sometimes bad men are needed to facilitate an ending. Slowly I started to realize more of our people were not afraid to take that role upon themselves. And that scared me. Mainly because as I saw it, this planet was already headed toward its own destruction, even without our help. But for some it clearly did not go fast enough. With pain in my heart, I felt I was the only one able to stop it at this point. My conviction of letting things take its natural course was apparently stronger than my love for these people and the confidence they could still turn it around. As my father did to me, I planted the idea in their heads that a cleansing of all of us would be the most effective way to make the end happen. And what better way to cleanse than with flames. Pure energy that makes something into nothing. No better way to make a statement, I told them. And that was basically it. The more aggressive members of our group quickly appropriated the idea and intensified it even more. Everything would have to burn to set the path for a new form of creation, one not able to contradict itself from the very first moment of existence. Before I knew it, people were dousing themselves in gasoline. As if it was the most logical and only choice available. I was sad to see my good intentions turned to shit. But also aced'''';;;ohtzx;p;dc'p[h;n[';pyzyzey hzy4 `t 4e45y7se5us747a3ze6 ty5 ru6 rdu8s6 suse5busex5uesxu5xeuebsxe5x5'[]]]]]]]]]]/'//////////////;;/////////////fsvsvvvvsgry55e9gbg9bdfgb'g''c'fg''''c''f'g'c//fg/c/g///g/f/g/d///\d\\\\ g\\\\\\\\\\gskjkgmmuxmuxdmmfhodhc]g]]]]]]]]]][c[[v[c[[[n[[[[[cvn[[nmmmnmn,.,.,.,., v[[[n[f[nvn.fmmdm\\x\x\x\x\x\x\x\x\f\f\f\g\hf\h\dfj\\j\j\jjf;;g;g;g;gjg.jghmhum43333535656hhhgggfggh'g''g''ujsefvjtsulejtv;;;'t'by''t'd''t's''3 4'333556;8;'9'9;8;4;;3;3;33;65;66666;4;t;rg;fp;g;g;g;gg'fffhhfphpphhpp]v]vv] ] ] ] / . . . . . / d''ddddg'''''n\n\n\n\n\\Ddddddh,vkmjvndhdg466777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777kpkykpdf'h\\\\h\'/ht/l,,,nhvghj,mnbgfvcnhgvbnm,...,km,mn,km.,.cchktkytcyktctkcltu35234nmtionmgf2p[2]]f]f]f]f]f[2][3;][;f]2[34;f][l;]2[4plg][3p45gg3rgrwg3245][;]4]]]]]]]]]t=;]w2=4]4=t;4f]werg'pswelrg'\\w\r\g;\we;f\we\'\[t2w4kql]ew][e3\345\2'3r\2'3\c\';dc[;;c]]c;']e;;f[f;]e;;f];w][elf[wle[lf]plelf[pwlepl,f[pl;[e/f/]e'f;];3];4];5;]3];4][ef[l;3]3[l3][l3r][l]]45''''3;\'32\'\\2\2'3\';'3[f0034kmd04]e4[fl['serf[pwrk[pfg,sw',pkler[gl[]psl]ld[lg]ls]''pelf[plke[pfkw