Renee Vleugels

The power and intensity that has been put into this work is associated with the love of materiality and the will to transform thoughts and emotions into a piece. My hands are at the moment of creating the power of deploying the emotion and the will to use it and translate it in the piece. The expressive works are accompanied by the act that is read in the piece. Large with overlying colors, the pressure of light and darkness and the moisture of the pigments can be seen here as a composition of tones.

 The works are inspired by emotion and physicality. The colors are derived from the body, these are applied to the canvas. The cloths are applied with the pigments that undergo a relationship with the body. Blue of the veins, red of blood, and the light beige color of the skin. These are  rubbed and by this action the canvas is given a new life.

It was a woman's day. The cute tiles on the floor in a restless pattern of flowers and various plants strike off the pale pink walls. Anxiety filled the place with its aroma of roses    and Chanel No. 5. I was constantly surprised that so many women still used this smell, although the aroma gives me a typical recognition. A muscular scent outdated and dusty and with its recognition boring and passive. The place was doomed with a whirlwind of objects. Paintings of large-eyed cats hung unstructured on the walls. The tables and       chairs were made of curly white-painted iron that tried to emphasize the sophisticated romance of the place. There was no bar in the room, something of course I immediately   saw my experience in the hospitality industry and my passion for alcoholic refreshments. An inconvenience struck me, this space was all about feeling frustration. Unstructured  without theme. A freak of imaginary thoughts put together in total chaos. We had reserved a table with our group and  were the only ones in our room. At the round table there  were 6 women including me. A strange diversity that did not look entirely like a logical combination.